Training on safe use and removal of items containing asbestos.

Specialist training.

The training is directed at companies and individuals who wish to meet the requirements of the European Union and broaden their spectrum of activity with works connected with the securing or removal of materials containing asbestos (all types). The training is conducted by specialists, which is a guarantee of high quality of the classes.

The aim of the training is to:

introduce the participants to the threats connected with the performed work,
familiarise the participants with health and safety rules and regulations at the level necessary for the performance of their duties and the obligations and responsibilities regarding health and safety which their post involves,
give the participants the skills necessary to perform work in a manner which is safe for them and others, and to provide first aid to persons who underwent an accident.
Thanks to the training you will discover:

the qualities of asbestos and its influence on health, including the consequences of burning
types of materials or products, which may contain asbestos and their most common applications
the influence of the technical condition of the materials or products onto the level of release of asbestos fibres
procedure in case of contact with materials which might contain asbestos
available sources of information about the locations of products containing asbestos
cases of encountering products which might contain asbestos, in which you need to immediately cease works and inform the manager of the works
what steps should be taken in order to minimise the risk of being exposed to the harmful influence of asbestos in a situation when a product suspected of containing asbestos is in a bad technical state or has been damaged by accident, e.g. evacuation and securing of the closest surroundings and informing appropriate persons
what documents one should obtain before works are commenced
what notifications with what deadlines should one submit
how to prepare for a possible control visit of the National Labour Inspectorate State Sanitary Inspection or a construction supervision authority

Each participant of the training shall receive a certificate in Polish, English, German, Norwegian accepted in EU and non-EU countries. Companies and individuals, who obtained the above mentioned CERTIFICATES at our company work in countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Poland.

Rotterdam Netherlands 25-26.07.2015
Berlin – Germany 01-02.08.2015
Oslo – Norway 08-09.08.2015

Price 600 eur / persoon